Case Study | JTI’s Candidate Survey

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Do your candidates value your status as a Top Employer?

By Top Employers Institute

JTI is a certified global Top Employer with 46 000 employees present in more than 130 countries. Since achieving their certification, they have consistently included their certification status in job adverts, career pages and other recruitment channels. 

After nine years of implementing best practices, the company sought recruitment data to answer a question related to employer branding. Their question was: How important is it for our candidates that we’re a certified Top Employer? 

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In 2019 JTI selected Talenthub, a technology platform that integrates with existing HR systems, to collect real-time candidate feedback during the recruitment process. With their technical help, JTI captured accurate feedback from candidates while allowing them to reach out directly to follow up on provided feedback and improve the process where needed. 

Download the Case Study to discover how:  

  • They set up a digital survey on their career page and Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) system for candidates who applied at JTI. 
  • JTI verified the impact of the candidate’s journey at all stages and found trends that enabled them to understand the behaviour of their applicants. 
  • JTI implemented a new initiative to track and benchmark their candidate’s application process against other companies to optimise their process. 
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Case Study | JTI’s Candidate Survey